patch for konqueror sidebar

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Nov 19 00:02:50 GMT 2007


On Saturday 17 November 2007, Saro Engels wrote:
> attached is a patch which makes windows compile time path problems
> disappear.
> Basically the problem is the usage of source files from different
> directories. This leads to path like:
> "D:\cygopt\kde-root\tmp\kdebase-\work\kdebase-build-mingw-Re
>es\konq_sidebartreetoplevelitem.obj" which exceed the maximum path length in
> cmake.
> So I added a custom library which works just as a proxy(sidebar_tree),
> and link it to the plugins later.
> My question is: Does the workaround works on *nix platforms?
> Can I commit it then?

I think between cmake 2.4.5 and current cmake cvs there were some changes in 
cmake to make paths shorter (I'm not exactly sure which ones).
So, which version of cmake are you using ?
Can you try with 2.4.7 and current cmake cvs ?

Beside that, the patch turns a set of source files into a static library and 
links a plugin to that library, right ?
I think this should work, as long as the symbols coming from the static 
library are used only in the plugin and are not intended to be available to 
users of the plugin.

The comment "this is a pseudo library" doesn't tell anything, can you please 
make it a bit more expressive ?


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