kwin default window button order.

Thomas Zander zander at
Fri Nov 16 23:38:54 GMT 2007

On Friday 16 November 2007 18:04:50 Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  That leaves as with B, C, D, where C and D are more or less the same
> (one could say that we usually have cancel-like functionality on the
> right, so the close button should be there, but on the other hand IIRC
> it's common to have Expose-like functionality on the right, since that
> corner is faster to access).
>  Hmm ... can we have a poll somewhere :) ?

A poll is only going to get people make quick decisions without thinking 
about all the implications you obviously have been doing in this email.
I don't see a poll as very useful.

One extra piece of info;  the tab-close buttons are also on the right, the 
MS-Windows close button is on the right. So if its all the same to you 
placing the close on the right and the rest on the left is something that 
will work best for most people.
Thomas Zander
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