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Fri Nov 16 11:52:27 GMT 2007

The Release Team would like to see all KDE developers get into Release Mode.

This means:

- only bugfixes
- focus on the most visible components
- do polishing changes of the user interface now

One very important point of this is that we need to stop thinking in terms of 
the pieces we usually work on. Now we need to get into this final phase of 
trying the desktop, identify things that don't work well enough yet and try 
to make them work. Lend your fellow gearhead a hand.

This might mean for some to code outside your own pet-project. It means fix 
everything you can so we can all see the desktop getting better by the day.

It requires some effort from all of us. Getting KDE developers into Release 
Mode means that we now need to show that we do care about the bigger picture 
and that we need to help each other getting showstoppers out of the way and 
make stuff work. It also means a period of high strain on our nerves, we all 
know that this is not only about fun, but so be it. I will be fun again once 
we've done this heavy lifting.

Of course this all does not mean that everybody just cares about his own code 
right now, it means that we're close enough to the big release that some 
priorities need to shift.

This is the time to show that we do not only operate as a bunch of 
subprojects, this is the time to show the world that the KDE community -- 
diverse as it is -- can function as *one* team with *one* shared goal: 

        Getting the next generation Free Desktop to the users. 

Once we have done that, we can get back to Fun Mode taking advantage of all 
the goodness that the pillars of KDE bring to us.

... so you feel like getting your hands dirty? The following pages contain 
list of bugs. Pick one and try to fix it. Then pick the next one.

- techbase beta goals page
- techbase krushdays page
- bugzilla kde4 beta bugs

Get in contact with the relevant developer via IRC (#kde4-devel, #kde4-krush), 
if in doubt, email kde-devel at or kde-core-devel at

And don't forget, Saturday is the next KDE 4 Krushday.
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