kwin default window button order.

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Nov 15 20:43:51 GMT 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Thomas Zander -- Thursday 15 November 2007:
> > We already have 3 people saying they want their close
> > button on the opposite side of their minimize/maximize buttons...
> Make that 4 people. Moving the exit button to the other side has
> always been the first thing I did when configuring a fresh KDE.
> But, of course, the exit button belongs left, not right.


(I just remembered that on NextSTEP the close button was right, but then, the 
scrollbar was left & there were sizegrips on the window bottom left and 

I also feel weird having the maximize button to the left when in the usual 
sitation pressing the maximize button makes things happen to the right of the 

Boudewijn Rempt

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