Default font size in toolbars

pinheiro nuno at
Thu Nov 15 09:51:01 GMT 2007

A Thursday 15 November 2007 02:11:32, Sebastian K├╝gler escreveu:
> I've played around a bit with the fontsizes we're currently defaulting to.
> I've set the toolbar font smaller, to 8 (which is also the size of
> smallestReadableFont). This way, it saves a bit of screen real estate, it
> looks snazzy and it still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I
> don't have to think about what those beautiful icons mean.
> Some screenshots, can't miss them:
> A proposed patch is attached.

my Fonts 2 cents, normaly I like cristal sharp fonts that are not totaly black 
and samall, size 8 is great, I use that size a bit all over.
Personaly i dislike bold, and now my favorite sans is the one from redhat 
liberation one.
Fonts is one of the things that We the artists never wanted to mess with, 
couse there is way to much opinions (and difrent ones) on the subject 
specilay as AA goes (personaly i think the color hinting thing is hedius).
Secondly we dont have any font creator, in our crew. (think we will need one 
in the future)



core oxygen icon designer

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