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On Wednesday 14 November 2007, Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 17:30:12 Luboš Luňák wrote:
> > SVN commit 736725 by lunakl:
> >
> > Ok, the splash needs to cover the entire screen, no hacks in the effect
> > trying to hide other windows. Fullscreen splash is a good idea anyway,
> > it'll hide all the setting up of kdesktop+kicker ... er .. plasma.
> >
> > Speaking of which, are there any plans concerning the splash,
> > or are we sticking with the Akademy photo for 4.0?
> As we will be using a new wallpaper very soon I would expect that the
> splash screen needs to change as well. 

speakign of which, i have new Oxygen art for the about: pages thanks to Lee 
Olsen and Nuno.

i have both the svg sources as well as png's broken out and am working on 
getting them in today.

for 4.1, assuming we can get some QSvgRenderer fixes in, i'd like to introduce 
a class that paints directly from the SVG file, much as how we do things in 
plasma these days. this will retain all the flexibility we currently have but 
with far nicer art and programmatic control; in particular we will be able to 
have a non-repeating pattern or picture in the the center body area and one 
will be able to use actual QWidgets rather than html if so desired.

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