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Wed Nov 14 17:05:40 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 14 of November 2007, Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 17:30:12 Luboš Luňák wrote:
> > SVN commit 736725 by lunakl:
> >
> > Ok, the splash needs to cover the entire screen, no hacks in the effect
> > trying to hide other windows. Fullscreen splash is a good idea anyway,
> > it'll hide all the setting up of kdesktop+kicker ... er .. plasma.
> >
> > Speaking of which, are there any plans concerning the splash,
> > or are we sticking with the Akademy photo for 4.0?
> As we will be using a new wallpaper very soon I would expect that the
> splash screen needs to change as well. Can you point me to the pics and/or
> config files we need to tweak to test a new version?

 In kdebase/workspace/ksplash/, see README, ksplashx/README and 
ksplashx/themes/. The current and only theme there is modelled to match the 
KDE3 ksplash theme (which I guess means it should be kept at least as a 
template), but as said above, I'd suggest not using it and instead going with 
a fullscreen splash. I can write the description.txt file for it if needed. 
Also, make sure to read the current limitations in ksplashx/README before 
starting to devise the unleashing of your art :).

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