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Mon Nov 12 13:28:21 GMT 2007

Alex Merry wrote:
> On Monday 12 Nov 2007, Thomas Zander wrote:
>> We went through this list, there are some issues you pointed out I
>> don't immediately understand.
>> On Tuesday 6. November 2007 00:13:59 John Layt wrote:
>>> Reverse landscape/portrait page orientation options (i.e. for 180
>>> and 270 degrees).
>> Can you be more specific about this? I don't know what this means.
> If you go to a print dialog in kde3 (or run kprinter) and go to 
> properties, the first tab has an "orientation" section.  Along 
> with "portrait" and "landscape", this lists "reverse portrait" 
> and "reverse landscape".

And two real world use cases for this:

 (a) a printer may have a stapling device, but the staples appear
     on the wrong edge of the paper. (This happens fairly regularly
     with scanned pages when people do not pay attention to the
     orientation of their originals placed on the scanner glass.)
     Switching the image orientation in the print dialog will then
     produce a "right looking" printout.

 (b) a simple printer may not have a duplex device, or a currently
     b0rken one, but the user may want to trick it into making duplex
     printouts with a two-pass print process: where the first pass
     sends odd pages only, and the resulting sheets are placed into
     the paper tray again (face down or face up, depending on the
     printer), to print the even pages on the first pass sheets'
     back sides. This also may necessitate an image rotation for one
     of the passes.

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