KDE4 power consumption issues

Will Stephenson wstephenson at kde.org
Mon Nov 12 12:10:04 GMT 2007

On Monday 12 November 2007, Lubos Lunak said:
>  I think there are currently more important problems than [refresh rate]
> wakeups per second. Besides, if you run on battery and find this to be a
> problem, you don't want to use compositing at all anyway. And that's only
> wakeups BTW, there are no repaints when idle. Such minor things have to
> wait (but you can send a patch indeed).

Brave patchers!  Don't forget bool 
Solid::PowerManagement::appShouldConserveResources() to know when to try 
especially hard to reduce power consumption!  And the Notifier class - see 

#include <Solid/PowerManagement>


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