[patch] Grab windows anywhere, not just titlebar

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Thu Nov 8 17:53:57 GMT 2007

On Thursday 08 of November 2007, John Tapsell wrote:
> For the process list (ctrl+esc) thing, I have set it to be by default
> 'Always On Top', and grab the focus etc.

 Hmm? Neither of that seems to work here. The process list is not kept on top 
(that may be because the state flags are removed when a window is closed, you 
might have placed the reading in a wrong place, but I can't find where it's 
handled in the code). And it certainly doesn't have any grabs. Oh wait, "grab 
focus"? That doesn't exist a technical term AFAIK :). Assuming you're talking 
about explicitly activating the window, the logic should be
if isvisible then activate, raise else just plain show.

> However if the user right clicks on the title, and toggles off 'Always
> On Top', it remembers that for future launches, until the user toggles
> it back on.
> That seemed to be the best way to do it for the process list.

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