[patch] Grab windows anywhere, not just titlebar

David Jarvie lists at astrojar.org.uk
Thu Nov 8 14:20:25 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 7 November 2007 21:19, Jens Herden wrote:
> Hi,
>> Unfortunately it doesn't work when you grab:
>> - the space on the right of menubars
>> - a groupbox
>> - a widgetstack
>> - the space on the right of breadcrumb bars
>> - etc.
> so from the user perspective it's a kind of lottery if it works or not!
> Sounds bad to me. You don't want to explain to the user "sorry, here you
> have
> a widget stack and you can not click here to move the window." The correct
> reply to this would be "what the hell is a widget stack?"

This type of thing could be really frustrating to users. (And of course,
many users won't even realise that the feature exists, unless they make
accidental make the mouse twitch.) It seems like a bad idea to implement
this until all the non-active parts of the dialog are able to be clicked
on to drag the window.

David Jarvie.
KAlarm author & maintainer.

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