[patch] Grab windows anywhere, not just titlebar

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Nov 7 23:39:00 GMT 2007

On 08.11.07 00:03:20, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On st 7. listopadu 2007, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> > Il Wednesday 07 November 2007 22:46:03 Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:
> > > On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> > > > Il Wednesday 07 November 2007 21:22:02 Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:
> > > > Does the Alt+F2 dialog have to be a blocking window? It may be useful
> > > > to make it go to the background or move it around (maybe to select some
> > > > text to paste in there).
> > >
> > > you're creating a straw man here; nobody said it had to be blocking.
> > > however, you may have noticed that even in kde3 it was "stay on top".
> >
> > It was not my intention. It's just that your comment made me wonder if that
> > was actually needed. Yes I noticed that KDE 3 also does this -- just
> > recently, has it been so all the time?
>  It's been there for a long time. I think that's the only window in KDE that 
> I've left to set such flag on itself - it kind of makes sense to have minicli 
> staying on top by default, since you really don't want Alt+F2 to show it 
> behind something. As you say yourself, you can change this using KWin.

JFYI: I have a similar issue right now on my system with XFCE4, the run
dialog is shown on top of all windows initially. But it doesn't get
focus so I can't directly type in the app to start and as soon as I
accidentally move the mouse a bit focus is lost. Either way I have to
switch via alt-tab to it. _Extremely_ annoying, almost making it
unusable - luckily I don't use XFCE4 that often :)


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