[patch] Grab windows anywhere, not just titlebar

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Nov 7 21:46:03 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> Il Wednesday 07 November 2007 21:22:02 Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:
> Does the Alt+F2 dialog have to be a blocking window? It may be useful to
> make it go to the background or move it around (maybe to select some text
> to paste in there).

you're creating a straw man here; nobody said it had to be blocking. however, 
you may have noticed that even in kde3 it was "stay on top".

> It's OK to have undecorated menus... Even the logout panel.
> Maybe most of the time I just need to type two characters, arrow down and
> enter to launch my application, but at times I need to move it around. So
> for me the KDE4 "runner" is a step backwards compared to what KDE 3
> provided.

what is missing in current svn for you exactly? because you can move it, it 
has autocomplete (though once i swap out the lineedit for a combo it'll be 
even nicer)

> I tried it again with the debian live image a few days ago -- is the
> artwork the final one? 

of course not. maybe i should edit all the non-final artwork pieces and put 
a "SAMPLE" text in red on them in inkscape so people stop asking me about 
this. ;)

> the panel having no borders makes it hard to 
> understand where the background ends and the panel begins, being mostly
> white-gray as most windows are.

> I'd also like a plainer look, 

a bit of history: that svg was done in about 5 minutes where the artist 
grabbed the icon art they were working on at the time in inkscape and threw 
it on a background and emailed it to me. =) the icon thing in the background 
is horrific, and we all knew that.

> but I've been said it can be customized... 

that's the point of using svg in this case, yes.

> Transient notifications are OK, for me: they get out of the way by
> themselves. As long as they don't pop up too often. Otherwise, I'd prefer
> notifications to be grouped...

we'll get to that eventually....

> > (note: i'm not using the x11 definition of "transient" in the above, but
> > the standard english language meaning of the word)
> >
> > so something that reflects the volume change or a window that helps
> > process a command to be run or a notification popup all fit that concept.
> Maybe, for very simple tasks you are right. But I know I'm not happy with
> the new runner at all. And I'm not the only one, since the click-to-move
> feature has been proposed as a workaround...

erm, the issue was not "does it need a window border" the issue was "i want to 
be able to move it easily". the former is a possible solution, but the latter 
was the problem.

> > i hope the above helps explain why this would be a step backwards. though
> > i suppose that's predicated on people actualy agreeing with the above ;)
> I'm unconvinced. Maybe I'm getting old and inflexible. Ugh! :)


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