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Sat Nov 3 22:05:46 GMT 2007

John Layt wrote:

> I've now got the lp support completed, and I'm trying to get my head around 
> all the details in your other mail, I should be able to figure something out 
> using that all, thanks!

Just keep in mind that CUPS' versions of lp/lpr does support most of
the legacy commandline options of their BSD counterparts (for excep-
tions check the CUPS man pages of those tools).

This means for *some* of the options you have the legacy way to pass
them on the commandline as well as the new CUPS "-o option=value" way
to support its own (as well as all IPP) job attributes.


  lp -U username      # name to be used for connecting to the server

  lp -u username
  lp -o job-originating-user-name=username

  lp -H hold
  lp -o job-hold-until=indefinite

  lpr -C jobname             [or -T/-J]
  lpr -o job-name=jobname

  lpr -h
  lpr -o job-sheets=none

  lpr -l
  lpr -o raw=true

  lpr -q
  lpr -o job-hold-until=indefinite

Being aware of this may make your work easier.

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