Request for a small API change in Phonon

Frerich Raabe raabe at
Thu Nov 1 15:30:36 GMT 2007

Hello Thierry,
On Thursday 01 November 2007 14:32, Thierry Bastian wrote:
> Hello,
> After discussing with Matthias, we found out a little API problem in the
> backend for Phonon. The backend is supposed to return handles (actually
> integers) to audio devices.
> At the same time, the order in which they are passed is also important
> because it determines which device will actually be used depending on the
> category of app (video, music, communication.). So the problem is actually
> that the BackendInterface defines objectDescriptionIndexes to return a QSet
> where it should return an (ordered) QList.
> You can see the attached patch. Though breaking source and binary compat,
> the change is very small and affects only the backend part which is mostly
> used by Matthias and us (Trolltech).

I don't know anything about Phonon or what you're trying to fix, but I noticed 
this in your patch:

-    QSet<int> deviceIndexes = backendIface->ob...
+    QList<int> deviceIndexes = backendIface->ob...
     QList<int> defaultList = deviceIndexes.toList();

Did you check that things actually compile with your patch? Calling 'toList()' 
on 'deviceIndexes' (which is now a QList<int>) looks broken.

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