Request for a small API change in Phonon

Thierry Bastian thierry.bastian at
Thu Nov 1 14:32:18 GMT 2007



After discussing with Matthias, we found out a little API problem in the
backend for Phonon. The backend is supposed to return handles (actually
integers) to audio devices.

At the same time, the order in which they are passed is also important
because it determines which device will actually be used depending on the
category of app (video, music, communication.). So the problem is actually
that the BackendInterface defines objectDescriptionIndexes to return a QSet
where it should return an (ordered) QList.


You can see the attached patch. Though breaking source and binary compat,
the change is very small and affects only the backend part which is mostly
used by Matthias and us (Trolltech).


Any comment is welcome.


Best Regards,


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