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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Thu May 31 20:49:01 BST 2007

>> Another thing on the strigi/indexing topic: I would like to have a finer
>> index resolution than 'file level'.  Imagine if a print book's index's
>> entries all referred to 'this book'.
>> Would it be possible to index to
>> docbook document structure elements (chapter, section) ?

Yes. In fact, I'd like to index almost every XML element that we have, so
you can ask "where is the gui text 'Foo' documented?" and get the exact
place in the documentation returned. That might not be possible exactly in
that way, but it would be the aim.

Also, to give an example (which is only slightly contrived) of how the
metadata provided by the docbook semantic markup could help us: say you
want to search for help about the 'dcop' commandline app (rather than DCOP
generally), you can construct a query asking for the places where 'dcop'
occurs within a <command> element.

> Yes. Strigi has no problem indexing e.g. archive contents and email
> attachments.
> Though I don't think there are any analyzers for help files atm.

There's an analyzer for XML files generally - I'm planning to subclass this
to index the DocBook XML that the docs are written in. Any help
welcome :-).

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