changing KGraphicsUtils?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu May 31 09:23:02 BST 2007

On 31.05.07 09:30:39, Thomas Zander wrote:
> As I suggested elsewhere the haste seems unneeded and unwanted as we need 
> to be using this code and not talking on mailinglists for another week, 
> painting the next bikeshed a semi-transparant color.
> So, I would really like it if we made sure we got some use cases and then 
> we can see if things like having an alpha in the blended color is needed, 
> wheather RGB blending is good enough and what method signature is best so 
> we don't end up with 2 methods if we can do with one good one.

I already showed a possible use-case in KDevelop and that 10 lines of
code (didn't really count) seem to be needed every time you don't know
what colors you get, i.e. if you fetch colors from the palette. I didn't
take a closer look at Matthew but I surely think that an easier to use
API should be added (see my patch).


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