Documentation issues for KDE 4

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Wed May 30 23:24:46 BST 2007

We've just had an impromptu meeting on IRC about some issues that relate to 
documentation in KDE 4. We've divided up some jobs between the people who 
were there, but there's plenty to be done, so if you have any feedback, or 
would like to help, get in touch.

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

1. Using strigi on the docs.
	The current method of indexing and searching the docs in khelpcenter (htdig) 
is not very reliable, so for KDE 4 we should use strigi. It already has tools 
in place for indexing XML, so the indexing part should be fairly 
straightforward. I plan to look into this.
	Will Stephenson is planning on looking into the searching frontend in 

2. Whatsthis help redesign
	Joshua Keel is working on this as part of SoC. We can use strigi indexing of 
the docbook to provide a "gui text" -> "where it's documented" mapping. eg, 
you can ask "Where is the gui element 'attach file' for application kmail 
documented?" and get the result from strigi.

3. KHelpCenter improvements
	Various things here:
	* Richard Johnson has done some work on providing a start page for KHC in 
kubuntu. We agreed we'd like to see something similar in KDE.
	* It was pointed out that for the use case of "open doc from an application", 
we could have KHC open quicker if it had a "quick mode" with just a shell 
around KHTML - no building of the big tree of all docs would be required.
	* Some Qt Assistant-like features would be nice, like bookmarks and 
breadcrumb-type history.
	* Joshua Keel will get in touch with the usability folks about getting a 
general usability review of KHC.

4. PDF generation
	I have this mostly working. Rich Johnson is looking into getting it 

Suggestions for, and help with, all of these is much appreciated!

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