What to do about KColor?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed May 30 16:47:29 BST 2007

Hans Meine wrote:
> Plus, the more developer-friendly high-level color creation functions that are 
> still TODO, e.g. tintedTextColor(widget, tinting) where widget (or 
> palette, ...) would be used to fetch the normal, untinted fg/bg colors.

This ties in to the usability stuff I keep talking about, there are 
quite a few things to provide here, like 'darkContrast' which provides a 
contrasting color, preferably darker than, but lighter than if necessary 
(and similarly lightContrast, of course). Although I'm not exactly sure 
what you are talking about with tintedTextColor, can you give an example?

> Let's see how applications actually use the mix/overlay functions, then 
> extract higher level functions if there are good ones (i.e. algorithms that 
> work with most user-specified palettes, which AFAICS is almost impossible..).
> Is e.g. support for bright-on-dark color schemes intended?

I hope so, I use one! :-) Although my "dark" is still light enough for 
normal "darker" shadows to work OK so I may not count.

And I believe the answer from the usability people is "yes, some people 
need such themes".

>  Oh, and then there are styles/themes with
> pixmaps as backgrounds (ouch!)..

I noticed that Qt4 allows setting the background (ahem) brush to a 
pixmap (or gradient), but I don't think that is supported yet, it 
requires a total overhaul of styles to work correctly.

Ideas in this e-mail are larger than they appear and the writer may be 
smarter than he appears.

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