What to do about KColor?

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed May 30 02:48:44 BST 2007

On Tuesday 29 May 2007, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > who knew that blending and colourspaces were a topic of such passion for
> > so many! =)
> I did ;-). (Yes, /before/ I suggested KColor I could have told you that
> HSV vs. HLS is a subject of potential Holy Wars.)


> otherwise *identical*. :-) Which is actually a little surprising since I
> am almost certain mine was developed quite independently, I guess we
> thought of the same optimization tricks :-).


> > given KColor's memory usage and algorithms, i'm not sure it's
> > actually a win at all, but it would move colour space code out of khtml
> > in this situation.
> I would hope the compiler would optimize the heck out of the memory
> usage. :-)
> What's wrong with the algorithms?

nothing that i have seen; it's more that the khtml implementation is very 
simple and straightforward. i don't see how it could be much leaner. so 
that's more of a "good going" to what's in khtml than anything about kcolor. 
if the implementation in khtml was agregious in some way (which would 
surprise me, the khtml hackers are pretty damn good) then that would help 
tilt things in favour of putting in something that could replace it.

> > i'd be much more comfortable with this if there was either broad
> > consensus (there isn't) and/or we were earlier in the release cycle. i
> > guess i'm a little confused by the urgency and pressure being applied to
> > such a feature which is clearly non-essential, if perhaps useful. but
> > maybe that's just me.
> Yeah, all the usability folks seem to have stopped complaining *shrug*.

they'll have to speak for themselves, but were i to take a gander: i don't 
think it has fallen off their maps, more likely they are just busy with what 
they feel they can get done for 4.0 given how close that is and will revisit 
the colour issues later. the "HIG issue of the week" is probably consuming 
their time atm.

> >> Your argument about the strengh of HSL with regard to lighten() and
> >> darken() is especially compelling, and is what convinced W3C too:
> >
> > agreeing with the w3c is not a sure sign of the decision's sanity ;-P
> ...but the usability article Germain Garand posted also agrees with

this was a joke about the w3c. ergo the winking, sticking her tongue out 
smiley. (yes, it's a girl. i only make girl smileys. they may me happier.)

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