QProcess vs K3Process

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue May 29 12:12:58 BST 2007

Andreas Pakulat said:
> Hmm, where do I request features for api.kde.org? As we get quite some
> pure namespace-functions in KDE4 the search on api.kde.org should look
> for Classes and Namespaces - IMHO. Thats the reason I failed to find the
> Namespace, btw.
> Andreas

Indeed. Since we have been replacing classes with namespaces, we need to
have a Class & Namespace consolidated list.

I had been meaning to write an email about the proliferation of namespaces
on the base libraries. But I never got around to it. As far as I remember,
the policy was:

- base libraries (kdecore, kdeui) have classes in the global namespace,
prefixed with K
- other libraries have classes in their own namespace (KIO for kio, KParts
for kparts, etc.)

We have many classes & libraries not following that rule (kdeprint has no
namespace and exports internal classes in the global namespace, dnssd's
namespace has no K, kfile exports classes in the global and KIO
namespaces, kutils has no namespace). So either we modify the rule or we
correct the API.

We're however way past the API freeze, so it's probably better to modify
the rule and fix only the big problems.

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