Quality Checks

Allen Winter winter-RoXCvvDuEio at public.gmane.org
Tue May 29 01:00:42 BST 2007


Remember the Quality Checks initiative [1]?

I think we should restart such an effort, but this time on TechBase.
Each module could have a page on TechBase with a matrix.

rows of the matrix have the applications
columns of the matrix have the stuff to check.
The old initiative checked for:
  Ported to Qt4/KDE4
  KIOSK aware
  Network transparent (uses KIO)
  Checked by the usability team
  No usability issues
  No HIG issues
  Follows coding conventions
  Up to date documentation
  Developer (doxygen) documentation
  Uses KConfigXT
  Uses .ui files
  Optimized startup code
  No icon problems

In any event, danimo will be removing the old quality-check
stuff from developer.kde.org soon.  I volunteer to create
a prototype checklist matrix for kdepim if there is interest.


[1] http://developer.kde.org/quality-check/results.php

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