ioslave problem with kde4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue May 29 00:42:18 BST 2007


since today I've got problems with ioslaves, it seems that the slave
crashes or cannot connect to klauncher. This only happens when using an
already running kdeinit4/klauncher, everything works fine after killing
the kdeinit4 process group and starting the kde4 app again.

I know this is expected on windows, but this is happening on linux here,
anybody got an idea what could've change in the last say 48 hours that
would cause this? (I'm not sure when this started, my last build before
monday was on 23rd)

I just found out that if I start kdeinit4 from a shell that works
properly, but if its started indirectly through an application it
doesn't. I can only guess at the moment what could be causing this,
maybe the environment is not properly "forwarded" to kdeinit4?? I'm
running kde4 apps inside a kde3 desktop, which didn't cause any problems
until now.


Reply hazy, ask again later.

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