What to do about KColor?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon May 28 00:14:16 BST 2007

On 27.05.07 11:58:04, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Sunday 27 May 2007 01:35:54 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > Needs some form of blend.
> Sure, thats fine. I think we have established that the 500Loc extra is not 
> worth the purist accuracy.
> Find attached a patch that I feel from the people on these threads would 
> be best for KDELibs.  I hope that that concludes these threads.

Just as some final comments:

I'm really sad at how this was handled by the kde developers, for mainly
two reasons:

a) we lost a rather dedicated developer (Matthew was pretty active in
Kate and contributed much of the forthcoming KDevelop4 VCS API).

b) everybody who wants to blend two colors now has to do 3 lines of code
(as Matthew showed) instead of just one. From looking at the api docs
it seems an alpha value of 128 would do the same as a .5 blend factor in
Matthew's API.

Matthew already stepped down to an implementation that doesn't introduce
a full new class but instead just a namespace with 3 functions. I have
to say that I personally don't care too much about wether a red error
message is really bright or dark red, or wether a warning is more orange
then a light red, but this disucssion IMHO wasn't really fruitful and
hasn't brought any good to KDE.


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