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Fri May 25 17:50:53 BST 2007


 this should be a follow-up to . I'd like to do 
something about it before it gets forgotten even more. To sum it up, there 
are 2 problems with current kDebug:

- the output for some types is ... strange, I e.g. really don't see why 
anybody would need to be told that [10,10-20x20] is a QRect
- there is a template operator<< , which gets everything that is not an exact 
match - inherit or add const and all you get is the class name and the 
pointer value

kdebug.cpp r649670 is a nice example of how ugly this can get. Additionally 
note that "kDebug() << someKComboBox" will give you "KComboBox(0xbfa7cf74)" 
anyway, so it actually doesn't work.

 There's no patch because I don't know what it should be :(.

 According to or 
David's commit message there should be a possibility of some template tricks, 
but I haven't managed to come up with anything. In fact my headache tells me 
there's none, either there's a template somewhere and then it's too greedy or 
there's no template and then it needs to link to UI libs, but I'd certainly 
like to be corrected.

 The solutions I see are:
- kdebug.h from kdecore gets renamed to kdebugcore.h, kdebug.h gets added to 
kdeui, the template gets dumped, operator<< implementations for all types we 
care about get added
- it stays as it is
- all operator<< implementations except for the template one get dropped, we 
implement QDebug operator<< re-implementations and hope they win
- ???

 Ideas, comments?

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