KDE Cryptography Module

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed May 23 22:59:15 BST 2007

Op wo 23 mei 2007 20:37 schreef u:
> Mailody is using QSslSocket without any certificate store or policy 
> management. This is obviously not acceptable for a release. 

I store them in a database if the user wants that..

> It's using 
> QSslSocket for the simple fact that I wrote
>    QTcpSocket *socket = new QSslSocket(parent);

No because I hope certificate handling will be available in KDE 4.0 KDE wide. That's the same issue I have had with QCA, so no difference. QSslSocket is easier to implement then QCA and fits Mailody's needs (tls/ssl).

> somewhere in ksocketfactory.cpp because I thought "hey, that would be 
> nice". That feature is not documented so, technically, no one should be 
> using it. In fact, I plan to remove it, just to make sure that QSslSocket 
> doesn't get widespread use before we implement the rest of the support it 
> needs -- if we choose it at all.

I'll switch to QSslSocket usage directly then. 


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