Usages of ::writeConfig() static method

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed May 23 18:28:44 BST 2007


this is a kind request for somebody with a full kde4 checkout, to please
run something like

grep "::writeConfig()"

on the sources. The reason is that the static writeConfig() method that
is generated by kconfig_compiler keeps us from making the
KConfigSkeleton::writeConfig() virtual. (Which is needed at least for
kdevelop to override the behaviour of writeConfig, see kde-commits list
for more details).

I'd use but I couldn't find a way to search for literal
parenthesis, it always interprets them as grouping and the result list
for a simple ::writeConfig is too long for me to look through. 

A list of occurences is fine with me, I will then check out if these can
be fixed or if indeed the static function needs to persist.


Excellent time to become a missing person.

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