qt code in kdelibs?

Andreas Pour pour at knewton.biz
Mon May 21 18:53:02 BST 2007

Sorry if this has been answered - no you cannot put *any* GPL code in kdelibs!  Aside from the noted problem with Apple and also of kde apps licensed under non-GPL licenses, if you put any GPL code in kdelibs then all of kdelibs must be licensed under the GPL (under a common reading of the GPL) and a commercial Qt license would not help with that (in fact the commercial Qt license would probably not even apply to the qringbuffer_p.h included in kdelibs).

Thus you would prevent any proprietary KDE applications.

This is why we have the kde library licensing policy.  See http://developer.kde.org/policies/licensepolicy.html



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> to use kdelibs you
> must already have a valid qt licence anyway

Unless of course you are Apple.

On 21/05/07, Oswald Buddenhagen <ossi at kde.org> wrote:
> hi,
> i'm wondering whether it would be possible to include an entire file
> from qt (qringbuffer_p.h) into kdelibs. of course the initial reaction
> is no - we cannot include gpl code. hooowever ... to use kdelibs you
> must already have a valid qt licence anyway, so putting this code into
> kdelibs would not put additional restrictions on the use of kdelibs. as
> the file would be preserved verbatim (sans some bugs ;), there would be
> no danger of license mixup, either.
> thoughts?
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