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Riccardo Iaconelli ruphy at
Sun May 13 15:08:27 BST 2007

Il Sunday 13 May 2007 15:38:19 Matt Williams ha scritto:
> Is this going to be the default style for KDE 4.0 or will we, by then, have
> Oxygen finalised or will we use the Qt Plastique style (which doesn't have
> the problem with the vertical tabs)?
Oxygen style will be merged in kdelibs on the 6th June. (or maybe it was the 
10th, don't remember exactly, anyway, a couple of days after the oxy meeting)
It will become the default style, but Plastik will still be shipped with KDE.
Plastik probably still needs to be finished, IIRC it's the only "bug".
We can't "keep" both Plastique and Plastik in the style list, because they 
look pretty much the same (a part for some minor things); and we can't just 
stick with the Plastique style because we haven't total control on it, as 
it's shipped with Qt.

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