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KDE developers (kdeedu /okular / etc) want to have better integration with 
ODF. But having to parse the XML and write it yourself is a bit too much 
for them. So the question is; can the KOffice crew create a shared 

We identified 3 use cases;

A) kvoctrain (kdeedu) is thinking about moving its native fileformat to 
ods. A spreadsheet with the data.  No formatting needed and the only 
thing it will use this library for is loading / saving. This implies we 
never will need to, for example, have the library return the calculated 
value of a formula like '=SUM(A1, B2)'

B) An application wants to use spreadsheet features like printing or 
calculating values etc. Or load a ODF-Document and get information like 
the number of pages or even print it on screen (like Okular wants)

C) KMail could want to load / save richtext from / to ODF into the 
composer window.

The solution we (at the ODF meeting) agreed on:

* We will create a new module in subversion which koffice libs will depend 
on. (kodflibs). After the 2.0 release.
We move code from koffice libs there for basic reading/writing of ODF 
XMLs. This includes some of the KoStore library, the helper classes like 
the OasisContext which are used for saving/loading.
This will satisfy the kvoctrain use case (A) by allowing it to use a 
reasonably high-level API for loading/saving the ods file.

* In that new module we also move Flake.
Note that this does not mean moving implementations like the text-plugin.  
It just means external apps are capable of searching for installed 
flake-plugins and loading + showing + saving them.
This satisfies use case B by allowing apps to load content and use dbus to 
interact with it other than what flake already allows.

* We move the KoText library to the extra module.
Note that KoText does not include text layouting or dialogs or displaying 
It will include code to save the QTextDocument plus the ODF addons to an 
ODF-stream and will satisfy use case C.

Thomas Zander
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