const ref returns in KDE3 compat code / other questions

Alex Merry huntedhacker at
Thu May 10 01:10:19 BST 2007

This is the sort of thing I'd ask on IRC, if my college hadn't decided 
it was a security risk and blocked the port...

Should const refs in returns in KDE 3 compatibility code be changed?  
I'm guessing we don't want to change the API for that code as far as 
possible, being compatibility code.

Also, if anyone is willing to have a quick peek at the remaining kdecore 
issues, that'd be great.  There are only 9 left (if you ignore the 
includes ones, which I fixed/excluded with my last commit).

KGlobal: There are two functions returning const refs.  I think they 
probably should do so, but I'd like someone with a bit more experience 
check before I exclude it.

sonnet/loader.h: Most of the members of this class are in the d-pointer, 
except one that is marked mutable.  I assume this is for a reason, but 
I'm not sure what.

config/ksharedconfig.h: I wasn't sure whether these should have 
d-pointers or not.  KSharedConfigPtr is possibly too simple, and the 
global list and shared part of KSharedConfig meant I wasn't sure what 
to do about it.

io/kurl.h: Does KUrl::List need a d-pointer?  It's just some convenience 
methods on top of a QList, but I guess it's possible a method might 
need to store some data in the future...


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