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Marco Gulino marco at
Wed May 9 15:21:12 BST 2007

Il Wednesday 09 May 2007 13:57:38 Robert Knight ha scritto:
> > What do you suggest? moving that text in an advanced help section on the
> > docbook?
> Yes, I think relying on the documentation provided by the distribution
> could be problematic.
Agreed then.

> Is it possible to test a distribution's setup for
> KMobileTools-readiness?  I think it would be useful for packagers if a
> test script or similar was provided which they could use to check for
> problems.
Ok, i was thinking about some arch-dependant scripts, instead than one only, 
to put in the test/ directory (already present).
For GNU/Linux system it should be enough to test:
1) hal and udev installed && running
2) a basic check on udev rules (like "what user/group will own the created 
device file?")
2b) permissions on usbfs (currently not yet used by kmobiletools itself, but 
we could use it, and the kioslaves installed by kde 3.5 do)
3) Check for /var/lock presence and permissions
4) Bluez setup (but this could be optional, as it should be handed by solid)
5) Checking if a default user (provided by command line?) is belonging to the 
groups in tests 2 and 3

Am i forgetting something?

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