bovo's move to kdereview

Ollivier Lapeyre Johann johann.ollivierlapeyre at
Tue May 8 19:48:20 BST 2007

i moved bovo from playground to kdereview.

I'm not the dev ( "Aron Boström" <aron.bostrom at> is), but the dev had  
a severe computer crash and wanted this move, as the kdegame team during our 
last meeting.. 

The main dev could do a better description, but for me Bovo is a paper game, 
like a Tic Tac Too on steroids.

It is fully KDE4, using SVG artwork (which will be improved) and has an active 
developper (at least with a working computer ;)

if you have suggestions on what parts needs to be improved, send him comment 
and too ours lists.
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