[kde-artists] Size of "Medium" icons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon May 7 21:39:46 BST 2007

As I presume everyone knows, KDE uses 22x22 for "Medium" icons and the 
rest of the world (including GNOME) uses 24x24 icons.

I would like to suggest that KDE 4.0 would be a good time to start 
transitioning to using 24x24 icons instead of 22x22.

I realize that 22x22 is correct using a power function.  However, we use 
48x48 icons rather than 45x45.  One of the major reasons for doing this 
is the conversion to SVG for icons.  When a 128x128 pixel SVG image is 
rendered to 22x22, it is always going to render poorly while with 24x24 
boundaries in the image on a 16 pixel grid will be pixel perfect.

My suggestion is that we convert the code from 22x22 to 24x24.

When an SVG is rendered, it would be rendered as 24x24 pixels.

When searching for a 24x24 icon, the additional 2nd step of looking for 
a 22x22 icon would need to be added before the step of looking for other 
sizes to resize.  22x22 icons should not be resized to 24x24 but rather 
padded with a 1 pixel clear boarder.  All new code should contain these 
padded icons.

Also, Icon resizing can then be improved by choosing the best icon to 
resize.  The resized icon should be made from one that is twice its size 
(16x16 would be best produced from 32x32 and 24x24 would be best 
produced from 48x48).  For other cases SVG is probably the best choice 
although 4x icons could be used.  The very specific point here is that 
the code should avoid making 24x24 icons by downsizing 32x32 icons.

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