ksudoku's move to kdereview

Stephen Leaf smileaf at smileaf.org
Mon May 7 04:28:32 BST 2007

On Sunday 06 May 2007 21:50:31 Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> On Monday 07 May 2007 04:18:50 Robert Knight wrote:
> > 5.  The 3D Sudoku mode is quite interesting - although I didn't know
> > from the game setup screen that is what it was. Perhaps include the
> > phrase "3D Sudoku" somewhere?
> While the concept ist interesting (and well-known on the internet as it
> seems), I found it difficult to impossible to see all the relevant fields
> at once while playing. Now this is not an easy problem to solve and I
> really can't blame you for it. You probably have noticed it yourself
> already :/ It might be a good idea to just remove this mode for the time
> being if you don't manage (or don't care) to make it easy to use. A feature
> that few people use (unscientific guess) and that's very hard to use might
> be better left out to make the overall impression of a game that's easy to
> use.
> Another idea is to add it as an easter egg (not too difficult to find) so
> that users don't stumble upon it right away. Easter eggs are not expected
> to be perfect.
> I, for one, like finding silly little secrets :)
> But hey, do as you like.
> On the other topics I agree with Robert.
I for one love this mode give it a slight angle and you can see every box 
except the very back corner. If your hovering over the front portion you can 
clearly see all the required boxes

Even then not being able to see everything makes it more challenging which I 
find to be very nice. Guess I'm not one that wants a puzzle game to be easy.

Only thing I found confusing was you can get to this mode 2 ways. One way it 
preselects the 3D option, the other one doesn't. Perhaps this should be 
Stephen Leaf

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