Problem with qabstractitemdelegate.h

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Wed May 2 14:27:50 BST 2007

Von: "Thiago Macieira" <thiago at>
> Christian Ehrlicher said:
> > The problem is imho that in libkdegames a class derives from
> > QAbstractItemDelegate and then is exported. Because of this msvc
> > automatically creates a copy ctor (don't know why it's not created when
> > the one from the derived class is private, but that's how it looks to
> me)
> > and fails because the one from QAbstractItemDelegate is not available.
> Said class in libkdegames should add a Q_DISABLE_COPY to its private
> section too.
> This will prevent MSVC (and any other compilers) from trying to
> auto-generate the copy constructor and assignment operator.
> Q_DISABLE_COPY in derived classes shouldn't be needed, though, if it's
> properly used in the parent class. Apparently, Simon has just fixed that.
> Meanwhile, you can add the workaround to libkdegames to avoid patching
> qt-copy even more.
I added Q_DISABLE_COPY some weeks ago but now it is gone or the current problem is another place where QAbstractItemDelegate is used. That's why I noticed the fix is still not in qt4.3. :)

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