Problem with qabstractitemdelegate.h

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed May 2 13:47:38 BST 2007

Christian Ehrlicher said:
> The problem is imho that in libkdegames a class derives from
> QAbstractItemDelegate and then is exported. Because of this msvc
> automatically creates a copy ctor (don't know why it's not created when
> the one from the derived class is private, but that's how it looks to me)
> and fails because the one from QAbstractItemDelegate is not available.

Said class in libkdegames should add a Q_DISABLE_COPY to its private
section too.

This will prevent MSVC (and any other compilers) from trying to
auto-generate the copy constructor and assignment operator.

Q_DISABLE_COPY in derived classes shouldn't be needed, though, if it's
properly used in the parent class. Apparently, Simon has just fixed that.
Meanwhile, you can add the workaround to libkdegames to avoid patching
qt-copy even more.

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