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Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at
Tue May 1 08:22:39 BST 2007

On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 06:14:49PM -0500, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
>> i'm not sure it would be possible to convince the windows console layer
>> to use konsole. and it would be really weird to have a terminal that is
>> unable to run windows applications ...
> JFTR you *can* run Windows applications* from an rxvt (rxvt != CUI 
> subsystem!) session, so it is definitely *possible* to make this work by 
> cannibalizing Cygwin's pty code.
> (* Tested with 'notepad'. There are probably exceptions, especially CUI 
> programs don't work right,
you must be kidding ... *of course* i meant windows console programs -
why should it be not possible to *start* windows gui programs? pty code
is for *talking* to programs, which is not exactly an issue for the
typical gui-only app.
the effect of running a console app (try cmd) will be most probably that
it pops up an own windows console (or runs on the one rxvt was started

> but for people with Cygwin it's still /so/ much better than nothing.)
cygwin is completely irrelevant here. it pretends to be unix, so
compiling a cygwin konsole that can host other cygwin programs should
be absolutely no problem (both kde and rxvt work, so why not konsole).

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