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On Wednesday 31 January 2007 10:34, Thomas Zander wrote:
> Do note that a system that is based on sudo like privilege system has the
> concept of only one password. Which technically is the users password.  But
> to the user there is simply one password.  The dialog should be able to
> have a 'mode' that makes this distinction.
> Where the 'sudo' mode basically means the user gets to type a password with
> nothing but a string like: "Type your password:"

there was support for this in kdesu but it was apparently broken due to having 
more than one place where DEFAULT_SUPER_USER_COMMAND was defined. i've fixed 
that and will commit on monday due to API changes required in kdelibs/kdesu.

> Slightly off topic;
> A bug in kubuntu currently is that in several places there is a kdesu
> dialog that is based on sudo, but if you remove the sudo priviledges (not
> put the user in group 'staff') this means the passwords will consistently
> fail without proper indication and without fallbacks to the root password.
> Would be nice if there was either a user-wide setting for this mode, or an
> easier way to do this in the API.

there is this setting in kdeglobals: 


not very well documented obviously.. perhaps something i should add to the sys 
admin area as i flesh that out

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