KAboutData ownership (Re: KInstance redesign)

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Tue Jan 30 17:35:46 GMT 2007

And another follow-up:

I just realized that KComponentData does not take ownership of the KAboutData 
and now it may outlive the common KAboutData. Most programs create the 
KAboutData object on the stack in main() but KComponentData lives longer, at 
least until the private KGlobal data is deleted.

I see two solutions:
1) let KComponentData take ownership of KAboutData (but perhaps make it 
2) make KAboutData refcounted just as I did with KComponentData (and no, this 
time I won't do all the porting alone)

I prefer 1). What are the uses cases for KAboutData not owned by 
KComponentData? Multiple KComponentData objects using the same KAboutData?

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