Bug #140307 / QXEmbed

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Jan 24 11:14:56 GMT 2007


Not sure, if this discussion is taking place somewhere else already, but I 
can't find any place.

I came across this bug by coincidence, when I was looking for the release date 
of 3.5.6. Out of curiosity, I went to look at what Lubos was doing to fix 
this, and found out, I have a share in this bug, but suggesting the 
correction to QXEmbed, that now seems to be breaking workarounds in several 
apps (according to the comment for r626522).

I don't know, whether the issue is resolved, yet. If not, here's a dirty 
suggestion to avoid a long hold-up: Revert r609135 for now (but add a comment 
in the sources), and deal with the issue after 3.5.6.

It seems, I have been the first to notice this bug in years, so it is probably 
safe to assume, no other app besides RKWard is currently hit by the bug fixed 
with r609135. RKWard itself is released outside of KDE's release schedule, 
and hence the only practical solution for us is to include our own corrected 
copy of QXEmbed in our sources anyway (and we're already doing this). 
Therefore RKWard will *not* be negatively affected by reverting r609135. 
Chances are, no other application will be either (unless they already dropped 
their workarounds). Hence reverting may do more good than harm in the short 

Well, it's just a suggestion in case all other options would continue to cause 

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