[kde-promo] Name for new developer/ISV/SI site

Daniel Molkentin daniel at molkentin.de
Fri Jan 19 00:48:40 GMT 2007


taking on the recent critisism of not being open and communicative enough 
about its scope, I'd like to invite everyone to find a suitable and nice name 
for the new developer wiki and debate specific purposes that Aaron and I have 
been thinking about. Before you comment, please make sure you have read
Aarons explainations at


After you're done, please put your actual discussion points at the articles 
discussion page as explained in the article. I'd specificly like the KDE 
Promo team to have a look on this.

The fineprint:

Do not reply to this mail, use the wiki instead! Please refrain from comments 
like "I don't like this" whithout any explaination. Any other comment or 
suggestion is highly appreciated.

Love & Peace,

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