kDebug improvements

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Wed Jan 17 14:52:57 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 04:34, Teemu Rytilahti wrote:
> > Changing the items you mention means changing _all_ the kDebug calls we
> > have now. Which IMO is not only not worth it, its too risky to piss off a
> > huge amount of developers.
> Well, the change shouldn't be that big for the developers of new KDE4 apps
> and for KDE3 developers porting to KDE4 some parts could be done
> automatically with kde3to4 script, right? Most of those changes wouldn't do
> much harm anyway if not ported at first at all, or at least I can't see the
> bad sides.

One feature that I use a lot is to have kDebug() << "foo: '" << bar "'\n";
which prints the bar variable with single quotes around it.  In KWord I work 
with text a lot and having the _exact_ text on screen is very important.
With qDebug() it adds spaces automatically; which makes the above impractical 
or impossible.

Dropping the endl part would be welcomed, though.
Thomas Zander
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