kDebug improvements

Teemu Rytilahti tpr at d5k.net
Wed Jan 17 03:34:08 GMT 2007

Thomas Zander kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika keskiviikko 17 tammikuu 2007 


> If you like qDebug, then use qDebug...

Why kDebug is needed at all in KDE4 then? Yes, the kdebugdialog thingy, I 
know. But anyway, my opinion is that all those changes would be nice to have 
as it cleans up the debug lines a bit and makes it easier to write new ones 

> Changing the items you mention means changing _all_ the kDebug calls we
> have now. Which IMO is not only not worth it, its too risky to piss off a
> huge amount of developers.

Well, the change shouldn't be that big for the developers of new KDE4 apps and 
for KDE3 developers porting to KDE4 some parts could be done automatically 
with kde3to4 script, right? Most of those changes wouldn't do much harm 
anyway if not ported at first at all, or at least I can't see the bad sides. 

The third proposal may be the most annoying as it may add another newline, but 
adding a unnecessary spaces nor quotes around the strings couldn't be a big 
problem? What bad sides do you see with those Andreas?

About pissing of developers, don't you think that a huge amount of developers 
aren't pissed of because they have to change other things too when porting to 

Anyways, I would agree with changing all those things, but hopefully a lot of 
other developers will join the discussion.

Best regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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