kDebug improvements

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jan 16 23:37:53 GMT 2007


this is kind of a feature request and to get the thoughts of the kdelibs
developers on this. I don't recall any discussion about kDebug (except
for the naming change) in the last couple of months..

How about making kDebug work like qDebug, so it

* adds quotes around strings, so one can easily see where a string with
  whitespace begins
* add a space between each argument given to << so we don't need to do
  this on our own
* Remove the need for adding endl ourselves

This would really ease the use of kDebug, IMHO. I do see the downsides
especially of the first two things, but it could be made available
with an extra argument to kDebug.

Any comments, even "shut up we don't want this" are welcome ;)


Long life is in store for you.

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