New mailing list for KDE4 release team

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Tue Jan 16 23:26:12 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 17:25, Jason Harris wrote:
> Just as a reminder, we are attempting to organize a group of people to
> share the load of managing the release cycle.  An outline of the specific
> tasks is listed in the TWG charter, which is attached to the first message
> of the earlier thread[1], and which I will also post to release-team
> shortly.

Jason, thank you for re-vivifying this on -core-devel, and thanks to the 
people -- Tom is one I can think of -- who have stepped up to work on the 
release-team, as part of the self-organizing KDE community. Good job. I owe 
you beer regardless.

KDE Quality Team

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