Some porting from KIO::Jobs to KJobs

David Faure faure at
Tue Jan 16 23:23:23 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 22:56, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for jumping that late on this thread... Didn't find time earlier.
> Le Mardi 16 Janvier 2007 02:27, David Faure a écrit :
> > Sure, no problem there, that's what KJob is for, and it's good that you're
> > making uiserver ready for that. The question is: would such a non-kio job
> > possibly have a totalFiles signal? That's the whole question. I initially
> > discarded that it might ever happen, but actually I have changed my mind
> > now. It can easily happen, I even used the notion of "total files" in a
> > uiserver progressdialog created by the kolab resource.
> I wonder how different is it from the totalSize() signal carried by KJob? It 
> looks like the exact same thing to me, except there's a "unit" attached 
> to "total files".

There's a meaning attached to it too.
totalSize could be about any kind of data. totalFiles is more specifically about files.
Maybe we need an API for telling uiserver what kind of objects it's about,
so that loaidng 2000 contacts shows "1 / 2000 contacts" instead of "1 / 2000 files".

> > That code uses the 
> > uiserver DBus interface directly though, it doesn't need a job observer.
> > However with kjob it might be done differently in the future.
> Well, the plan would be to use this D-Bus interface directly, not from the 
> kjob itself, but from the kjobuidelegate.
> That was the intent with the  
> current design. I just need to find time to finally get the remaining 
> refactorings in the code... it's just sitting in my head for now.
Well that's mostly merging KIO::Observer into kjobuidelegate I guess.

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