So late... again

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Tue Jan 16 02:24:55 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

Despite I think I'm going to bed at 1 on the morning, no... I keep
coding till much later xDD

Well, here is some kind of patch (tomorrow I will implement where you
see warnings on the dir slots).

I wanted to ask you a few things:

1) I created 2 new files: uiserver_p.h and uiserverConfigDialog.ui. Do
you agree with the name of the ui file ?

2) David, or Kevin. Can I commit with the signals and slots on KJobs*
instead of KIO::Jobs* or should I revert my changes here ?

3) I won't be able to handle the designer created form resizing. You
can see on uiserver_p.h the new configuration window inherits from
QWidget and Ui::configurationDialog, but if this widget is resized,
the designer created one wont be resized. BTW, if I do:

867:    setupUi(this);

and then setLayout(verticalLayout);

to try to fix this, when trying to open the config dialog it will
crash, due to failing at repositioning the widgets.

You can find the patch at:

Rafael Fernández López.

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