Normalizing signals and slots

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Mon Jan 15 22:24:32 GMT 2007

On Monday 15 January 2007 14:04, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> So where are the numbers to prove that normalization is needed?

i'll have to dig up the posting on kopete-devel at where i posted these 
numbers... they weren't astounding, however, and showed that the difference 
is nominal in absolute terms though there is a difference in relative terms. 
(didn't i already say that in this thread?)

i don't see the point of that extra overhead, however much it is, existing in 
the libraries -all- of our apps use.

> I want to see numbers. If typical application will start up 1 nanosecond
> faster then before, I'd like to see human readable, unnormalized
> connections. 

the difference isn't dramatically uglier.

> In any case I'd say we're trying to force programmers (or 
> their scripts) to do computer's job.

nobody's trying to force anyone.

> Say, KDevelop has about 2500 signal-slot connections in the source code.

as i said, i don't think it's worth it to comb through our applications. that 
was actually why i did the benchmarking for the kopete discussion, where i 
(and others) recommended kopete doesn't spend time normalizing all their 

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